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When you opt for arm lift plastic surgery, you’ll be able to look forward to seeing a more properly shaped arm after the procedure is complete. If you have had liposuction done, this is one of the areas that you might want to address, if you have a lot of loose skin on your arm.

Even women who haven’t experienced weight loss by diet or liposuction may be genetically predisposed to having larger arms, in relation to the size of their body. Plastic surgeons are accustomed to doing these arm procedures, so the outlook for better-looking arms is good.

The arm lift procedure is not a quick surgery, and the extensive ones can last hours. The time needed depends on the amount of tissue that will need to be removed. If you add liposuction to the treatment, it may take longer, but it will often show better results. The arm lift removes skin and some tissue that is superficial, while the liposuction extracts fatty tissue.

If you eat right and burn off excess fat before your procedure, you may not need to have any liposuction done, and this will make your recovery shorter. Some women also opt for skin and fat removal from the arm pit and chest sides, if the arm lift surgery doesn’t give them exactly what they wanted.

If you just want tighter skin on your arms, and you are otherwise fit, you may opt for a minimal incision arm lift. Your surgeon will mark the area where he will be working, and you will be under general anesthesia when the procedure is performed. The incision near your arm pit will allow the surgeon to remove the excess skin from the upper arm. The remaining skin will then be pulled down, to increase its tightness. The incision will be stitched and then covered with pads or tissue glue.

The minimally invasive arm lift takes about an hour or so to complete, but this is dependent on the amount of skin being removed. This may be done on an out-patient basis, and in a month or so, your arms should begin to feel like they are ready for normal functioning. This procedure does leave a scar in the area of the arm pit.

When you are deciding whether you will speak with a surgeon about an arm lift, you may still try to lose as much fat from the area as you can using proper diet and exercise. This will make the surgery less intense. If you have lost a lot of weight over your whole body, an arm lift will usually make good sense for you, since your skin will be loose. Targeting the area with exercise will again limit what will need to be done surgically.

Expect to have some time away from work, since your arms will be sore after this type of procedure. Once you are more comfortable in your “new skin”, it will become easier to use your arms as you are accustomed to using them. The scar will be the only reminder of your surgery, and if your arms are thin when it’s complete, you have probably chosen wisely to have it done.

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